Application and Criteria

Applications are to be sent to the director, Frau Dr. Morasch. The required forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

June 3 is the application deadline for the winter term and January 10 for the summer term of the year in question.
If you are considered as a potential resident, you will receive an invitation for an interview, shortly after the application deadline. You will be informed if we can offer you room, if we will put you on the waiting list, or if we had to refuse your application by mid-February or mid-July, respectively.
If you are put on the waiting list, you must re-contact the Newman Haus (by phone or in writing) so that we know whether you want us to consider your application for the following term.

According to our ethos we do not choose applicants chronologically, but according to who urgently needs a room and how well this person would "fit" into the Newman-Haus.

Some of the selection criteria relate to the distance between the students' family home and the place of study, but primarily to the student's Catholic background and upbringing, as well as the demonstration of social engagement. With regard to these criteria, the Newman-Haus requires two written references.

Currently, the price for a normal large room (12-14 m2) is € 382,-, smaller rooms (8 m2) are let for € 268,-. Approximately 8 to 13 residents per floor share a kitchen, showers, and toilets.

Note: Please do not send your application as "sign-for"/registered mail.