The Ethos of the Newman Haus

The Newman-Haus is a Catholic Student residence. It has 129 rooms and a clearly defined ethos.
The residence is not just a place to live, but a place where residents can feel "at home", where they have the opportunity to make friends, exchange ideas on many topics, discover new ways of life, and most importantly, experience a close knit social environment.

Accordingly emphasis is placed on the ability of the resident to feel part of the community, as well as character development. The management of the Newman-Haus seeks to encourage and value different interests, to include outsiders, to overcome issues, and to resolve conflicts in a constructive and creative manner.

We value a fundamental allround education, including the ability to discuss varying opinions and viewpoints and to question one's own thinking in that regard. It is in this that the Newman-Haus seeks to adhere to its Catholic values, and all residents are expected to support and promote them.

Translated by: Julia Uhrenbacher